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Run the command set protocols ospf6 redistribute to redistribute routes from other sources and protocols through OSPFv3. Users can add the route-map parameter to include a route map to filter routes before redistribution.

To delete this configuration, run the command delete protocols ospf6 redistribute.

Command Syntax

set protocols ospf6 redistribute {bgp|connected|kernel|static|table} [route-map<route-map>]

delete protocols ospf6 redistribute {bgp|connected|kernel|static|table} [route-map<route-map>]




bgpSpecify BGP routes for redistribution into OSPF.
connectedSpecifies the directly connected routes for redistribution.
kernelSpecifies the kernel routes for redistribution.
staticSpecifies the static routes for redistribution.
tableRedistribute routes from table.
route-map<route-map>Optional. Specifies a route map for filtering routes before redistribution.


  •  Configure OSPFv3 to redistribute BGP routes into OSPFv3 and apply route-map map1 for route filtering.
admin@XorPlus# set protocols ospf6 redistribute bgp route-map map1
admin@Xorplus# commit
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