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The set protocols pim ecmp command is used to enable ECMP function for PIM.

Command Syntax

set protocols pim [vrf<vrf-name>ecmp [rebalance]




vrf <vrf-name>

Optional. Specifies a VRF name. The value is a string. It’s a user-defined VRF set by the command set ip vrf <vrf-name> [description <string>].

Usage Guidelines

  • If pim has the a choice of ECMP nexthops for a particular RPF, pim will cause S,G flows to be spread out amongst the nexthops. If this command is not specified then the first nexthop found will be used. This command is vrf aware, to configure for a vrf, specify the vrf name.
  • If pim is using ECMP and an interface goes down, cause pim to rebalance all S,G flows across the remaining nexthops. If this command is not configured pim only modifies those S,G flows that were using the interface that went down.


  • Enable ECMP function for PIM.
admin@Xorplus# set protocols pim ecmp
admin@Xorplus# commit
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