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The set protocols vrrp interface vrid accept disable command is used to enable or disable the Accept Mode of the device in a VRRP group.


As Accept Mode is only supported in VRRPv3, this command applies to only VRRPv3 configuration.

Command Syntax

set protocols vrrp interface <interface-name> vrid <virtual-router-id> accept disable <true | false>




interface <interface-name>

Specifies the Layer 3 interface name of VRRP device. The value is a string.

vrid <virtual-router-id>

Specifies the VRID of a VRRP group. The value is an integer that ranges from 1 to 254.

accept disable <true | false>

Enables or disables Accept Mode. The value could be true or false.

  •   true: disables Accept Mode.
  •   false: enables Accept Mode.

By default, Accept Mode is disabled.

Usage Guidelines

VRRPv3 supports Accept Mode which controls whether a virtual router in Master state will accept packets addressed to the virtual IPvX address of a VRRP group if it is not the IP address owner (the IP address owner is the router that has the interface whose actual IP address is used as the virtual router’s IP address).

By default, the Accept Mode is disabled, if the master is not the IP address owner, it only accepts the ARP requests/ARP replies or NS/NA messages addressed to the virtual IP, any other messages whose destination IP is the virtual IP are not accepted. But when accept mode is enabled, it can accept all packets whose destination IP is a virtual IP.

Deployments that rely on, for example, pinging the address owner's IPvX address may choose to configure Accept Mode to True.


  •   Accept Mode is only supported in VRRPv3 while VRRPv2 does NOT support. In VRRPv2, the master switch always accepts packets addressed to the virtual IPvX address.
  • When Accept Mode is disabled, PICOS can still accept and process IPv6 Neighbor Solicitations / Neighbor Advertisements packets and ARP Request / ARP Reply packets.
  •   If the master is the IP address owner, it accepts all the packets addressed to the IPvX address(es) associated with the virtual router even though Accept Mode is disabled.


  •  Enable the accept mode of the device in VRRP group 2. 
admin@Xorplus# set protocols vrrp interface vlan100 vrid 2 accept disable false
admin@Xorplus# commit
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