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The set protocols vrrp interface vrid ipv6-nd mtu command configures the MTU size to be sent in the RA messages.

The delete protocols vrrp interface vrid ipv6-nd mtu command restores the default configuration.

Command Syntax

set protocols vrrp interface <interface-namevrid <virtual-router-id> ipv6-nd mtu <mtu-value>




interface <interface-name>

Specifies the Layer 3 interface name of VRRP device. The value is a string.

vrid <virtual-router-id>

Specifies the VRID of a VRRP group. The value is an integer that ranges from 1 to 254.

mtu <mtu-value>Specifies the MTU size. Range: 1-65535 bytes. 


  • Configure the MTU size to 1500 bytes.
admin@Xorplus# set protocols vrrp interface vlan100 vrid 2 ipv6-nd mtu 1500
admin@Xorplus# commit
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