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The set system services ssh idle-timeout command configures the idle timeout for SSH connections.

Command Syntax

set system services ssh idle-timeout <timeout-value>




idle-timeout <timeout-value>

Specifies the idle timeout for SSH connections. The value is an integer, in seconds, that ranges from 0 to 2000000. The default value is 0, which means no idle timeout for SSH user.

Usage Guidelines

If the SSH user logs in to the system but doesn’t perform any for a long time, the SSH channel resources would be occupied for a long time thus making it difficult or impossible for other users to log in to the system. The SSH idle timeout duration is configured to release SSH resources in time. The SSH connection will be automatically disconnected if the SSH user who logged in to the system doesn’t perform any operation within the SSH idle timeout duration. The following disconnect prompt is printed:

Connection to closed by remote host.

Connection to closed.


  • The idle timeout timer is restarted each time the SSH user perform an operation.
  • The configuration takes effect only on the next SSH login.
  • The same idle timeout value is available for all the SSH users.


  •    Configure the idle timeout for SSH user to 60s.
admin@Xorplus# set system services ssh idle-timeout 60
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