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The set vlans vlan-id private-vlan association command associates the secondary VLAN list with the primary VLAN.

Command Syntax

set vlans vlan-id <vlan-id> private-vlan association <secondary-vlan-list>




vlan-id <vlan-id>

Specifies the primary VLAN ID. The value is an integer.


Specifies secondary VLAN list in a primary VLAN. The value is a string. E.g. 3, 5, 100-200.

The VLANs in the list need to be previously configured as either an isolated VLAN or a community VLAN.

Usage Guidelines

Configure the association between primary VLAN and secondary VLAN list to specify a PVLAN pair.


  • Before setting this command, use command set vlans vlan-id <vlan-id> private-vlan mode <primary | community | isolated> to configure the PLAN types.
  • A primary VLAN can be associated with multiple community VLANs and only one isolated VLAN.
  • A secondary VLAN (isolated or community) can be associated with only one primary VLAN.
  • If you run this command with the same primary VLAN multiple times, only the latest configuration takes effect.


  • Associate the secondary VLAN list 2-3 with the primary VLAN 5.
admin@Xorplus# set vlans vlan-id 5 private-vlan association 2-3
admin@Xorplus# commit
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