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The set vlans voice-vlan local-priority command modifies the 802.1p priority for the voice VLAN.

Command Syntax

set vlans voice-vlan local-priority <priority-value>




local-priority <priority-value>

Specifies the 802.1p priority for the voice VLAN.

The value is an integer that ranges from 0 to 7.

Usage Guidelines

802.1p priority is the value of the priority field in the VLAN frame in IEEE 802.1Q standard, which contains the layer 2 priority to be used for the specified application type. This 3 bit field could specify one of eight priority levels (0 through 7), as defined by IEEE 802.1D-2004.

This configuration not only changes the 802.1p priority value in the packet, but also changes egress queue of the packet.


  •   Configure the 802.1p priority to 7 for the voice VLAN. 
admin@Xorplus# set vlans voice-vlan local-priority 7
admin@Xorplus# commit
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