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Run the command set vxlans l3-vni prefix-routes-only to advertise the prefix routes only. Without this command prefix routes wont be advertised to the peer devices.

Note that this configuration its mandatory in asymmetric EVPN routing model where we want to advertise the Type-5 prefix routes. In symmetric EVPN routing model however, we will use the command set vxlans l3-vni <vni-id> to advertise host routes as Type-2 advertisements and Type-5 prefix routes.

Command Syntax

set vxlans vrf <vrf-name> l3-vni <vni-id> prefix-routes-only

delete vxlans vrf <vrf-name> l3-vni <vni-id> prefix-routes-only


vrf <vrf-name>Optional, specifies the VRF name.
l3-vni <vni-id>Specifies the layer 3 VNI ID.


This example demonstrates how to enable prefix routes only advertisement as Type-5 routes for a given VRF.

admin@XorPlus# set vxlans vrf vrf1 l3-vni 100 prefix-routes-only
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