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The show vlans command displays information about VLANs configured on a switch. With the command display VLANID, Tag, and Interface by default, user can display the brief, detail or special VLANID information.

Command Syntax

 run show vlans <text> 


 • <text> The specific information, options include:

  • brief Show vlan brief information
  • detail Show vlan detail information
  • vlan-id <vlan-id> Show specific vlan detail information


• This example shows VLAN 10:

admin@XorPlus# run show vlans
VlanID Tag Interfaces
------ -------- ------------------------------------------------------
1 untagged ge-1/1/2, ge-1/1/3, ge-1/1/4, ge-1/1/5, ge-1/1/6
ge-1/1/7, ge-1/1/8, ge-1/1/9, ge-1/1/10, ge-1/1/11
ge-1/1/12, ge-1/1/13, ge-1/1/14, ge-1/1/15, ge-1/1/16
ge-1/1/17, ge-1/1/18, ge-1/1/19, ge-1/1/20, ge-1/1/21
ge-1/1/22, ge-1/1/23, ge-1/1/24, ge-1/1/25, ge-1/1/26
ge-1/1/27, ge-1/1/28, ge-1/1/29, ge-1/1/30, ge-1/1/31
ge-1/1/32, ge-1/1/33, ge-1/1/34, ge-1/1/35, ge-1/1/36
ge-1/1/37, ge-1/1/38, ge-1/1/39, ge-1/1/40, ge-1/1/41
ge-1/1/42, ge-1/1/43, ge-1/1/44, ge-1/1/45, ge-1/1/46
ge-1/1/47, ge-1/1/48, te-1/1/49, te-1/1/50, te-1/1/51
10 untagged ge-1/1/1
admin@XorPlus# run show vlans vlan-id 10
VLAN ID: 10 
VLAN Name: aaa 
Description: myvlan 
Number of member ports: 0 
Untagged port: None
Tagged port: None
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