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To configure tunneling for egress traffic, use the set vlans dot1q-tunneling egress from command in L2/L3 configuration mode. If the customer VLAN or service VLAN tag frame is specified, it can pass through the port.

Command Syntax

set vlans dot1q-tunneling egress tunnel-id then { customer-vlan | service-vlan } vlan-id


tunnel-idTunnel identifier.
customer-vlanThe customer VLAN identifier.
service-vlanThe service VLAN identifier.
vlan-idVLAN identifier. The range is 0-4094.


This example configures tunneling T0, such that if the customer tag frame is 10 and the service tag frame is 100, the packet can pass through the port:

admin@Switch# set vlans dot1q-tunneling egress T0 from customer-vlan 10
admin@Switch# set vlans dot1q-tunneling egress T0 from service-vlan 100 
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