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User can configure the flood vtep address set forwarding traffic type for vni .

Command Syntax
set vxlans vni <text> flood vtep <ipv4-addr>  traffic-type < type-mode >

delete vxlans vni <text> flood vtep <ipv4-addr>  traffic-type

• <text>  VXLAN segment ID, decimal format ranges 1-16777215 or notation dotted foramt 100.100.200
• <ipv4-addr>  IPv4 address of vxlan vtep.
• <type-mode>  Forwarding traffic type mode. Required select include:

       •  BUM Transport BUM(broadcast, unknow unicast and multicast) traffic only

       •  all Transport all traffic through this vtep, the default mode

       •  unicast Transport known unicast traffic only 


 • This example demonstrates how to configure the VXLAN flood vtep address set forwarding traffic type is BUM for the VNI 10010

XorPlus# set vxlans vni 10010 flood vtep traffic-type BUM
XorPlus# commit
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