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Thenew command configures the duplex mode of optical port as auto negotiation mode.

Command Syntax

ovs-vsctl set interface <interface-name> options:duplex=auto




gigabit-ethernet <interface-name>

Specifies the optical port name.

Usage Guidelines

Pay attention to the following notes:

  • Currently, duplex mode for optical port is only available for the 10 optical port when its port rate set to 1G.
  • Duplex mode for optical port currently only supports to configure as auto, i.e. auto negotiation mode.
  • It is required that the duplex mode of the peer 1G optical port is also set to auto negotiation mode, otherwise the port cannot link up.

Use command delete interface gigabit-ethernet <interface-name> duplex to go back to the default duplex mode to full.


  • Set the duplex mode of optical port te-1/1/1 as auto negotiation mode.

admin@PICOS-OVS:~$ovs-vsctl set interface te-1/1/1 options:link_speed=1G
admin@PICOS-OVS:~$ovs-vsctl set interface te-1/1/1 options:duplex=auto

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