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The system EEPROM data block information is saved in the directory: /sys/class/swmon/hwinfo/onie_syseeprom. The following example shows how to view the
system EEPROM data block.
root@XorPlus$cat /sys/class/swmon/hwinfo/onie_syseeprom 
Product Name: S4048ON
 Part Number: 099TJK
Serial Number: CN099TJK282985640054
Base MAC Address: 34:17:EB:FA:90:C4
Manufacture Date: 06/08/2015 20:36:30
Device Version: 06/08/2015 20:36:30
Label Revision: A00
Platform Name: x86_64-dell_s4000_c2338-r0
Loader Version:
MAC Addresses: 256
Manufacturer: 28298
Country Code: CN
Vendor Name: CN
Diag Version: CN
Service Tag: FX4PX42
Vendor Extension:  0x36 0x37 0x34 0x2D 0x46 0x46
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