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root@PicOS-OVS#ovs-vsctl  del-br br0
root@PicOS-OVS#ovs-vsctl  add-br br0 -- set bridge br0 datapath_type=pica8
root@PicOS-OVS#ovs-vsctl  add-port br0 ge-1/1/1 vlan_mode=trunk tag=1 trunks=1000,2000,3000,4094 -- set Interface ge-1/1/1 type=pica8
root@PicOS-OVS#ovs-vsctl  add-port br0 ge-1/1/2 vlan_mode=trunk tag=1 trunks=1000,2000,3000,4094 -- set Interface ge-1/1/2 type=pica8
root@PicOS-OVS#ovs-vsctl  add-port br0 ge-1/1/3 vlan_mode=trunk tag=1 trunks=1000,2000,3000,4094 -- set Interface ge-1/1/3 type=pica8
root@PicOS-OVS#ovs-vsctl  add-port br0 ge-1/1/4 vlan_mode=trunk tag=1 trunks=1000,2000,3000,4094 -- set Interface ge-1/1/4 type=pica8
root@PicOS-OVS#ovs-ofctl del-flows br0
root@PicOS-OVS#ovs-ofctl add-group br0 group_id=1,type=select,bucket=output:2,bucket=output:3,bucket=output:4
root@PicOS-OVS#ovs-vsctl set-l3-mode true
root@PicOS-OVS#ovs-ofctl add-flow br0 table=251,dl_dst=22:22:22:22:22:22,dl_vlan=10,actions=normal
root@PicOS-OVS#ovs-ofctl add-flow br0 dl_type=0x0800,nw_dst=,actions=group:1

Send packets (nw_dst incr number is 200) to Port 1,

Packets whose nw_dst= will be forwarded to Port 2.

Packets whose nw_dst= will be forward to Port 3.

Packets whose nw_dst= will be forward to Port 4.

Packets whose nw_dst= will be forward to Port 2.

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