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In PicOS OVS, user can create multiple virtual bridges that are independent of one another. One physical port is able to add into only one virtual bridge. Each virtual bridge can be configured as a controller, respectively.

root@PicOS-OVS# ovs-vsctl  add-br br0 -- set bridge br0 datapath_type=pica8 other-config=datapath-id=0000d80aa99aaaaa
device br0 entered promiscuous mode
root@PicOS-OVS# ovs-vsctl  add-port br0 te-1/1/1 vlan_mode=access tag=1 -- set Interface te-1/1/1 type=pica8
root@PicOS-OVS# ovs-vsctl  add-port br0 te-1/1/2 vlan_mode=access tag=1 -- set Interface te-1/1/2 type=pica8
root@PicOS-OVS# ovs-vsctl  set-controller br0 tcp: 
root@PicOS-OVS# ovs-vsctl  add-br br1 -- set bridge br1 datapath_type=pica8 other-config=datapath-id=0000d80bb99bbbbb
device br0 entered promiscuous mode
root@PicOS-OVS# ovs-vsctl  add-port br1 te-1/1/3 vlan_mode=access tag=1 -- set Interface te-1/1/3 type=pica8
root@PicOS-OVS# ovs-vsctl  add-port br1 te-1/1/4 vlan_mode=access tag=1 -- set Interface te-1/1/4 type=pica8
root@PicOS-OVS# ovs-vsctl  set-controller br1 tcp: 
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