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These notes summarizes PICOS 4.2 new features, new hardware, known bugs, and bug fixes. Best practices recommend that you read all the content before upgrading to this release. For more detailed feature information, refer to the configuration guides.

New Features

Layer 2 and Layer 3

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Multiple Loopback Interfaces

Within a user configured or the default VRF, multiple loopback interfaces can be configured. The built-in loopback interfaces such as lo in the default VRF are still available. Additionally, the loopback interfaces can get down or up by disabling or enabling them.


GRE Source Interface

Support to configure a loopback interface or a L3 VLAN interface to a GRE tunnel. If multiple IP addresses are configured on the source interface, the smallest IP address will be the source IP address of this GRE tunnel.


GRE IPv6 Support

IPv6 payload can be carried in IPv4 GRE tunnel.


sFlow Next Hop Router

IP address of next hop router, covered in extended router data of sFlow version 5, is included in the samples of IP packets.


LACP Fallback under Preemptive Mode

Under preemptive mode of LACP fallback, it's always the member port of a LAG with the highest priority that will keep alive.


Flood Unregistered Multicast Traffic in VLAN with IGMP Snooping Enabled

By default, if IGMP snooping is enabled on a VLAN, the unregistered multicast traffic can be only forwarded out of mroute ports. If turn on flood-all, the unregistered multicast traffic will be flooded out of all ports within the VLAN even with IGMP snooping enabled.


ABR Route Summarization for OSPF

For an OSPF area, you can summarize and filter intra-area prefixes. All routes that match the configured area range are filtered at the ABR (Area Border Router). And only the summary is advertised to the other areas. That can prevent a large number of link-state records from being flooded out of the area.


Add Support for BGP Delay Open Timer

This BGP command is used to delay sending an OPEN message for a specific time period. The delay allows the remote BGP Peer time to send the OPEN message first.


Support Maximum 20 NAC Servers

Increase the limit of NAC servers. Allow to configure 20 NAC servers with different priorities.


Display GRE Tunnel Interface

The information of GRE tunnel interfaces is included in the output of CLI command "run show l3-interface brief". And the detailed status and information of GRE tunnel interfaces can be shown by CLI command "run show l3-interface tunnel xxxx".


GRE Tunneling

Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) is used for tunneling IP traffic via virtual point-to-point links over IP network. The overlay traffic can be isolated by different VRFs. Please refer to Generic Routing Encapsulation Protocol (GRE) for more details.


BFD Support

Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) is a detection protocol purposed for fast forwarding link failure detection. PICOS BFD supports BGP, OSPF, and PIM. Please refer to Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) for more details.


VRF Support with OSPFv3

IPv6 routes in different VRF instances can be generated dynamically via OSPFv3.


Support 100G QSFP28 CWDM4

QSFP28 CWDM4 optical transceivers can work with PICOS 4.2.0.


Interface Name VS. Physical Port Index

The names of uplink ports are not consistent with their physical indices such as 49 is the physical index of interface te-1/1/1 on AS4610_54P. A new CLI command "show interface port-index-mapping" under operational mode is added to show the map between interface names and physical port indices. Additionally, in the output when execute "run show interface brief" and "run show interface diagnostics optics xxxx", a physical port index in parenthesis will follow the interface name if they don't match to each other.


Inband Management VLAN Interface

Remove the limitation that inband management can be enabled on only maximum 4 VLAN interfaces. Additionally, inband management can be enabled on all interfaces globally.


BGP ebgp-requires-policy is Enabled by Default

BGP ebgp-requires-policy is enabled by default in 4.2.0, which is different from previous 4.x.x versions. It can be disabled by "set protocols bgp ebgp-requires-policy false".


VXLAN Statistics 

With regarding to a specific VXLAN instance identified by a VNI number, VXLAN counters are used for tracking the Rx/Tx number of traffic on access port and network port respectively.


Enhancement on MLAG Consistency Checking

In case of type 2 of MLAG inconsistent configuration, it is not necessary to show "FAIL" because the peer-link and MLAG ports will not be blocked. When execute CLI command "run show mlag consistency-parameter summary", will display "PASS with ALERT" in the overview/global result and "ALERT" by following each specific type 2 item which doesn't match to the configuration on the peer MLAG spine switch.


RADIUS/TACACS+ Authentication for NETCONF Session

Authenticated RADIUS/TACACS+ users can access to PICOS switch via NETCONF.

Fixed Issues

Layer 2 and Layer 3

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Refine Performance on EVPN MAC Learning

When update large number of MAC addresses, such as more than 5K, received from remote VTEP switches, will have severe performance issues such as that VXLAN tunnel may be broken. With this enhancement, the number of MAC addresses learned from remoted VTEP can scale up to 32K.


Public Key Authentication for NETCONF Session

Users authenticated by public key can access to PICOS switch via NETCONF. Please note the public keys of a specific user are supposed to be restored at the home directory, i.e ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.


te-1/1/48 Cannot Link Up on S5248F

Traffic cannot go through the link connecting port te-1/1/48 to other ports on S5248-ON even though te-1/1/48 is up.


Failed to Install Site License on Dell Switches

Site license cannot be installed on Dell switches with Serial numbers having 20 characters. This issue was fixed in 4.2.0.


Multicasting Doesn't Work on LAG Port

If add/delete member ports to/from a LAG port, multicast traffic cannot be routed out of this LAG port. This issue was fixed in 4.2.0.


Speed Setting on SFP/QSFP Port

Speed setting on an SFP/QSFP port from CLI should have higher priority than auto detection by reading out of the inserted SFP/QSFP transceiver.


Filter Log Messages by Date

It doesn't work to filter log messages by date with CLI command "run show log date" under operational mode. This issue was fixed in 4.2.0.


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OpenVPN Work with Management VRF & VXLAN Enabled

OpenVPN cannot work when both Management VRF and VXLAN are enabled in old version. This issue was fixed in 4.2.1.

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