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As shown in Figure 1, there are four switches on in the network which need to communicate with each other, and the entire network can be extended using the area where Switch B and Switch C are located as ABRs in the backbone area. On Switch C, introduce the static routes into OSPF route by export exporting a routing policy.

Follow the configuration roadmap below to complete the configurations.


  • Configure VLANs and VLAN interfaces, and configure the IP address for each VLAN interface to implement communication within the network segments.
  • The basic functions of OSPF are configured on each switch, and the OSPF network is divided into area, area and area with switch B and switch C as the ABRABRs. Configure basic OSPF functions on each switch. Configure Switch B and Switch C as the ABR to into divide the OSPF network to three areas: area, area and area


3.  By checking the routing table on switch A, you can see that the static routes configured on switch C have been introduced into the routing table on switch A through OSPF routing route advertisement.