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Run the command set protocols bgp vrf evpn advertise-pip ip to advertise the Primary IP Address (PIP) for a given VRF. Parameter vrf is optional and if not defined then the command takes effects on the default VRF. We can also specify a specific IP address to advertise by adding ip <ip> <ipv4>

The delete protocols bgp vrf evpn advertise-pip can be used to delete this configuration.


Command Syntax

set protocols bgp vrf <vrf<text> -name> evpn advertise-pip [ ip <ip>]<ipv4>

delete protocols bgp vrf <text><vrf-name> evpn advertise-pip [ ip <ip>] <ipv4>




vrf <text><vrf-name>

Specifies the name of the VRF. The value is a string.

ip <ip><ipv4>

Specifies the specific IPv4 or IPv6 address to advertise. The format follows the IPv4 dotted decimal format.


  • Configure BGP EVPN to advertise PIP for VRF BLUE.