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Table of Contents

Networking Requirements

In Figure 1, we have implemented MLAG on SwitchA and SwitchB, the downstream SwitchC and SwitchD have dual-access to network through SwitchA and SwitchB respectively.

This topology uses MSTP to prevent link loops, VLAN 15 is mapped to MSTI-1 and VLAN 16 is mapped to MSTI-2. The entire topology belongs to only one MSTP domain named region1.

Figure 1 MLAG Topology

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Configuring MLAG on SwitchA


    admin@XorPlus# set interface aggregate-ethernet ae2 aggregated-ether-options mlag peer peer-link ae3


Step6        Configure system ID for LACP negotiation.

                  admin@XorPlus# set interface mlag system-id 00:B0:BC:00:00:00

Step8         Configure a static ARP entry for peer-link interface.


                   admin@XorPlus# commit

Configuring MSTP on SwitchB, SwitchC, and SwitchD

 Configuration of MSTP on SwitchB, SwitchC, and SwitchD are similar to SwitchA.

Verify the Configuration


•  You can use the run show spanning-tree mstp bridge command to view the bridge information of MSTP.


Forward Delay: 15

Remaining Hops: 20


•  You can use the run show spanning-tree mstp interface command to view the interface information of MSTP.