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If management VRF is enabled, and you want to find the next-hop route in management VRF when running the commands traceroute/SCP/ping/apt get/SSH at Linux prompt, that is, using Eth0/1 management interface as the route interface, you have to add ip vrf exec mgmt-vrf before the commands.

The example format of these commands is shown below:

sudo ip vrf exec <mgmt-vrf|vrf-name> traceroute

sudo ip vrf exec <mgmt-vrf|vrf-name> scp admin@

sudo ip vrf exec <mgmt-vrf|vrf-name> ping

sudo ip vrf exec <mgmt-vrf|vrf-name> apt-get update

sudo ip vrf exec <mgmt-vrf|vrf-name> ssh <ip-address>

ip vrf exec <mgmt-vrf|vrf-name> is added to specify which VRF to run the command in. If not specified, find the next hop routing information from the default VRF.

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