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Users can enable or disable forward error correction on ports. Fec works if the follow conditions are satisfied at the same time.

  • 100G modules plugged in
  • not  breakout into 4 ports
  • speed auto or 100Gb/s

The ports can link up when the two connected ports both enable or disable fec at the same time.

Command Syntax
set interface gigabit-ethernet <port> fec <boolen>

<port> ethernet switching port identifier
<boolen> port speed identifier,values are as follows:

  • true enable forward error correction(default)
  • false disable forward error correction on the port

• This example disables forward error correction on port xe-1/1/1:

root@XorPlus# set interface gigabit-ethernet xe-1/1/1 fec false
root@XorPlus# commit
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