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This command makes a local MAC layer to keep up status. This command generally coordinates with another command of interface gigabit-ethernet <port> link-fault-signaling ignore-local-fault <boolean> when RX link of fiber breaks. If the two commands are configured together,  TX link can still transmit traffic.


Do not configure up-mode with UDLD, as this may cause the peer interface to be disabled unexpectedly by UDLD. gigabit-ethernet te-1/1/1 up-mode

Command Syntax

setinterface gigabit-ethernet <port> up-mode <boolean>


<port> Ethernet port, now only support 10GE, 40GE, 100GE port .

<boolean> vaule is false or true. Default value is false.


This example is how to configure this command:

admin@XorPlus# set interface gigabit-ethernet te-1/1/1 up-mode true 
admin@XorPlus# commit


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