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A fiber has two links, TX and RX. When RX link failure occurs,  local fault messages are generated by PHY layer to RS layer. As soon as RS receives a local fault message, it will generate Remote fault messages and transmit Remote fault messages to remote RS through TX link. RS is the only layer that can generate Remote fault messages.

This command determines if local RS would ignore local fault message to generate Remote fault messages when RX link failure occurs. This command generally coordinates with another command of interface gigabit-ethernet <port> up-mode <boolean> when RX link of fiber breaks. If the two commands are configured together,  TX link can still transmit traffic.

Command Syntax

set interface gigabit-ethernet <port> link-fault-signaling ignore-local-fault <boolean>


<port> Ethernet port, now only support 10GE, 40GE, 100GE port .

<boolean> Vaule is false or true. Default value is false.


• This example is how to configure this command:

admin@XorPlus# set interface gigabit-ethernet te-1/1/1 link-fault-signaling ignore-local-fault true 
admin@XorPlus# commit
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