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The full name of pfc is priority flow control. This command define pfc is applied in a specified port. Pfc acts on packets entering the port, similar to flow control. But flow control only works on the port. It can't work on the code point.

When flow control has been configured on the port, configure pfc. Because pfc has higher priority than flow control, flow control will become invalid on the port.

Command Syntax

set class-of–service interface <port> pfc-profile <profile-name>

delete class-of–service interface <port> pfc-profile


  • <port> Physical interface.
  • <profile-name> pfc profile name, which has been defined in class-of-service pfc-profile in advance.


This example of a pfc profile applied in a port.

admin@XorPlus# set class-of-service interface ge-1/1/1 pfc-profile pfc1 
admin@XorPlus# commit
Commit OK. 
Save done. 

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