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The set routing community-list standard command configures a standard community list to match a specific community number attribute. Community-list is a named list of regular expressions. They are used to match the community number attributes in the routes for inclusion in, or exclusion from route policies. 

The delete routing community-list standard command removes the standard community list configuration.

Command Syntax

set routing community-list standard <community-list-name> {deny|permit} [local-as|no-advertise|no-export|internet|community <community>]

delete routing community-list standard <community-list-name>{deny|permit} [local-as|no-advertise|no-export|internet|community <community>]





Specifies the name of the community list that matches a route.


Specifies whether the route is available for further processing when there is a match.

{local-as|no-advertise|no-export|internet|community <community-numer>}

Optional. Specifies BGP community type, it can be one of following BGP communities:

  • local-AS: a BGP community that restricts routes to your confederation’s sub-AS.
  • no-advertise: a BGP community that is not advertised to anyone.
  • no-export: a BGP community that is not advertised to the eBGP peer.
  • internet: a BGP community that matches all routes.
  • community <community-numer>: Specifies the community number. The value is in AA:NN format where AA and NN are ranging from 0 to 65535.

Usage Guidelines

The BGP community list can be either standard or expanded. The standard BGP community list is a pair of values (such as 100:100) that can be tagged on a specific prefix and advertised to other neighbors or applied on route ingress.


  • Here is an example of a standard community list filter:
admin@Xorplus# set routing community-list standard COMMUNITY1 permit community 100:100
admin@Xorplus# commit
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