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The set routing extcommunity-list standard command defines a new standard extcommunity-list.

The delete routing extcommunity-list standard command removes the standard community list configuration.

Command Syntax

set routing extcommunity-list standard <community-list-name> {deny|permit} {rt|soo} extcommunity <extcommunity>

delete routing extcommunity-list standard <community-list-name> {deny|permit} {rt|soo} extcommunity <extcommunity>





Specifies the name of the community list that matches a route.


Specifies whether the route is available for further processing when there is a match.


rt: Indicates the Route Target value.

soo: Indicates the Site of Origin.


Specifies an extended community value.

Usage Guidelines

We can define multiple extcommunity-list under same name. In that case match will happen user defined order. Once the extcommunity-list matches to extended communities attribute in BGP updates it return permit or deny based upon the extcommunity-list definition. When there is no matched entry, deny will be returned. When extcommunity is empty it matches to any routes.


  • Define a new standard extcommunity-list.
admin@Xorplus# set routing extcommunity-list standard EXTcom1 permit rt extcommunity 20
admin@Xorplus# commit
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