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ovs−ofctl is a utility for managing OpenFlow switches. ovs-ofctl should work with any OpenFlow switch, not just Open vSwitch.

Users can view the ovs-ofctl help for more information about the utility.

admin@Leaf1$ovs-ofctl --help
ovs-ofctl: OpenFlow switch management utility
usage: ovs-ofctl [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARG...]
For OpenFlow switches:
  show SWITCH                 show OpenFlow information
  dump-desc SWITCH            print switch description
  dump-tables SWITCH          print table stats
  dump-table-features SWITCH  print table features
  mod-port SWITCH IFACE ACT   modify port behavior
  mod-table SWITCH MOD        modify flow table behavior
  get-frags SWITCH            print fragment handling behavior
  set-frags SWITCH FRAG_MODE  set fragment handling behavior
  dump-ports SWITCH [PORT]    print port statistics
  dump-ports-desc SWITCH [PORT]  print port descriptions
  dump-flows SWITCH           print all flow entries
  dump-flows SWITCH FLOW      print matching FLOWs
  dump-aggregate SWITCH       print aggregate flow statistics
  dump-aggregate SWITCH FLOW  print aggregate stats for FLOWs
  queue-stats SWITCH [PORT [QUEUE]]  dump queue stats
  add-flow SWITCH FLOW        add flow described by FLOW
  add-flows SWITCH FILE       add flows from FILE
  mod-flows SWITCH FLOW       modify actions of matching FLOWs
  del-flows SWITCH [FLOW]     delete matching FLOWs
  replace-flows SWITCH FILE   replace flows with those in FILE
  diff-flows SOURCE1 SOURCE2  compare flows from two sources
                              execute ACTIONS on PACKET
  monitor SWITCH [MISSLEN] [invalid_ttl] [watch:[...]]
                              print packets received from SWITCH
  snoop SWITCH                snoop on SWITCH and its controller
  add-group SWITCH GROUP      add group described by GROUP
  add-groups SWITCH FILE       add group from FILE
  mod-group SWITCH GROUP      modify specific group
  del-groups SWITCH [GROUP]   delete matching GROUPs
  dump-group-features SWITCH  print group features
  dump-groups SWITCH [GROUP]  print group description
  dump-group-stats SWITCH [GROUP]  print group statistics
  queue-get-config SWITCH PORT  print queue information for port
  add-meter SWITCH METER      add meter described by METER
  mod-meter SWITCH METER      modify specific METER
  del-meter SWITCH METER      delete METER
  del-meters SWITCH           delete all meters
  dump-meter SWITCH METER     print METER configuration
  dump-meters SWITCH          print all meter configuration
  meter-stats SWITCH [METER]  print meter statistics
  meter-features SWITCH       print meter features
For OpenFlow switches and controllers:
  probe TARGET                probe whether TARGET is up
  ping TARGET [N]             latency of N-byte echos
  benchmark TARGET N COUNT    bandwidth of COUNT N-byte echos
SWITCH or TARGET is an active OpenFlow connection method.
Other commands:
  ofp-parse FILE              print messages read from FILE
  mod-temp-thresh SWITCH THRESHOLD  modify temperature threshold
  dump-temp-thresh SWITCH     print temperature threshold
  ofp-parse-pcap PCAP         print OpenFlow read from PCAP
  dump-tables-desc SWITCH     print tables description
  bundle SWITCH MSG           send bundle messages
Active OpenFlow connection methods:
  tcp:IP[:PORT]           PORT (default: 6633) at remote IP
  ssl:IP[:PORT]           SSL PORT (default: 6633) at remote IP
  unix:FILE               Unix domain socket named FILE
PKI configuration (required to use SSL):
  -p, --private-key=FILE  file with private key
  -c, --certificate=FILE  file with certificate for private key
  -C, --ca-cert=FILE      file with peer CA certificate
Daemon options:
  --detach                run in background as daemon
  --no-chdir              do not chdir to '/'
  --pidfile[=FILE]        create pidfile (default: /ovs/var/run/openvswitch/
  --overwrite-pidfile     with --pidfile, start even if already running
OpenFlow version options:
  -V, --version           display version information
  -O, --protocols         set allowed OpenFlow versions
                          (default: OpenFlow10, OpenFlow11, OpenFlow12, OpenFlow13, OpenFlow14)
Logging options:
  -vSPEC, --verbose=SPEC   set logging levels
  -v, --verbose            set maximum verbosity level
  --log-file[=FILE]        enable logging to specified FILE
                           (default: /ovs/var/log/openvswitch/ovs-ofctl.log)
  --syslog-target=HOST:PORT  also send syslog msgs to HOST:PORT via UDP
Other options:
  --strict                    use strict match for flow commands
  --readd                     replace flows that haven't changed
  -F, --flow-format=FORMAT    force particular flow format
  -P, --packet-in-format=FRMT force particular packet in format
  -m, --more                  be more verbose printing OpenFlow
  --timestamp                 (monitor, snoop) print timestamps
  -t, --timeout=SECS          give up after SECS seconds
  --sort[=field]              sort in ascending order
  --rsort[=field]             sort in descending order
  --unixctl=SOCKET            set control socket name
  -h, --help                  display this help message
  -V, --version               display version information

See ovs-ofctl manual page for detailed syntax and additional information.

admin@Leaf1$man ovs-ofctl
ovs-ofctl(8)                                       Open vSwitch Manual                                       ovs-ofctl(8)
       ovs-ofctl - administer OpenFlow switches
       ovs-ofctl [options] command [switch] [args...]
       The ovs-ofctl program is a command line tool for monitoring and administering OpenFlow switches.  It can also show
       the current state of an OpenFlow switch, including features, configuration, and table  entries.   It  should  work
       with any OpenFlow switch, not just Open vSwitch.
   OpenFlow Switch Management Commands
       These commands allow ovs-ofctl to monitor and administer an OpenFlow switch.  It is able to show the current state
       of a switch, including features, configuration, and table entries
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