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After completed the MLAG domain configurations, we have to check the MLAG neighbor status to make sure that the MLAG neighbor relationship is correctly established. Use the command run show mlag domain {<domain-id>| summary} to show the MLAG domain information, which includes the MLAG neighbor status.

 For example,

admin@Xorplus# run show mlag domain summary
Domain ID: 1    Domain MAC: 48:6E:73:FF:00:01    Node ID: 0
Peer Link  Peer IP  Peer Vlan  Neighbor Status  Config Matched  MAC Synced  # of Links
---------  ---------------  ---------  ---------------    --------------      ----------  ----------
ae23    4088    ESTABLISHED      Yes       Yes         2    

See the command reference of run show mlag domain for more details about the explanation of all the output.

 If the MLAG neighbor relationship cannot be correctly established on the MLAG peer devices, the Neighbor Status is not ESTABLISHED in the display result. The possible causes and the troubleshooting procedure are as follows:

  1. The peer-link connection status is abnormal. See the following link to confirm the peer-link connection status: How to verify that the peer link connection status is normal?
  2. The MLAG domain configurations are incorrect or inconsistent on the MLAG peer devices, the configurations involved including domain ID, node ID and peer IP. We have to make sure the configurations are correct and consistent.
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