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To enable Open vSwitch logging and customize the logging levels, use the ovs-appctl vlog/set command.


ovs-appctl vlog/set module[:facility[:level]]



A valid module name, as displayed by the ovs-appctl vlog/list command. The log level change is only applied to the specified module. If module is not specified, the new settings are applied to all modules.


The log level change is limited to the specified facility. Valid options are syslog, console, and file.


Messages of the given severity or higher will be logged, and messages of lower severity will be filtered out. Valid options are off, emer, err, warn, info, or dbg. off filters out all messages. If level is not specified, the logging level is set to dbg (debugging).


The following example configures debugging messages for Open vSwitch daemon to be logged to the console:

admin@Switch$ovs-appctl vlog/set vswitchd:console:dbg
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