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ovs−appctl is a utility for querying and controlling the Open vSwitch daemon.

User can view the ovs-appctl help for more information about the utility.

admin@Leaf1$ovs-appctl --help
ovs-appctl, for querying and controlling Open vSwitch daemon
usage: ovs-appctl [TARGET] COMMAND [ARG...]
  -t, --target=TARGET  pidfile or socket to contact
Common commands:
  help               List commands supported by the target
  version            Print version of the target
  vlog/list          List current logging levels
  vlog/set [SPEC]
      Set log levels as detailed in SPEC, which may include:
      A valid module name (all modules, by default)
      'syslog', 'console', 'file' (all facilities, by default))
      'off', 'emer', 'err', 'warn', 'info', or 'dbg' ('dbg', bydefault)
  vlog/reopen        Make the program reopen its log file
Other options:
  --timeout=SECS     wait at most SECS seconds for a response
  -h, --help         Print this helpful information
  -V, --version      Display ovs-appctl version information

User may also view the ovs-appctl manual page for detailed syntax and additional information.

admin@Leaf1$man ovs-appctl
ovs-appctl(8)                 Open vSwitch Manual                ovs-appctl(8)
       ovs-appctl - utility for configuring running Open vSwitch daemons
       ovs-appctl [--target=target | -t target] command [arg...]
       ovs-appctl --help
       ovs-appctl --version
       Open  vSwitch  daemons  accept  certain  commands at runtime to control
       their behavior and query their settings.  Every daemon accepts a common
       set  of  commands documented under COMMON COMMANDS below.  Some daemons
       support  additional  commands  documented  in   their   own   manpages.
       ovs-vswitchd in particular accepts a number of additional commands doc-
       umented in ovs-vswitchd(8).
       The ovs-appctl program provides a simple way to invoke these  commands.
       The  command  to  be  sent is specified on ovs-appctl's command line as
       non-option arguments.  ovs-appctl sends the command and prints the dae-
       mon's response on standard output.
<Some output omitted>


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