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Now support configure ipv4 and ipv6 address for eth0 from 3.2.1 for NPB.And support this feature from 3.4.0.When change ovs mode from l2/l3,there are some options for users to select.Such as the following example:

sudo picos_boot->chose ‘2’,then you can chose how to configure the IP(IPv4) of management interface,DHCP or static IP.And then you can choose how to configure the ip(ipv6) of management interface,DHCP/Static IP/SLAAC/Disable IPv6.


configure ipv4 or ipv6 address example.

admin@Xorplus:~$ sudo picos_boot
Configure the default system start-up options: 
(Select key 3 if no change)    
[1]  PICOS L2/L3   * default    
[2]  PICOS Open vSwitch/OpenFlow      
[3]  No start-up changeEnter your choice (1,2,3):2
PICOS Open vSwitch/OpenFlow is selected.
Configure the IP(IPv4) of management interface:    
[1] DHCP    * default    
[2] Static IP    
Enter your choice(1,2):1
Configure the IP(IPv6) of management interface:    
[1] DHCP        
[2] Static IP        
[3] SLAAC        
[4] Disable IPv6    * default
Enter your choice(1,2,3,4):4
Start OVS web user interface?(y|n)[n]:y
Start OVS network snmp?(y|n)[n]:y
Please restart the PICOS service

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