To configure the OSPF interface priority used in DR election, use the set protocols ospf4 area interface vif address priority command in L2/L3 configuration mode.

Command Syntax

set protocols ospf4 vrf vrf-name area area-id interface interface-name vif vif-name address ip-address priority level



Optional. Specifies a VRF name. The value is a string. It’s a user-defined VRF set by the command set ip vrf <vrf-name> [description <string>].

Note that: The configuration is in the default VRF if not explicitly bound to any VRF.

area-idOSPF area identifier. Use the dotted decimal notation. For example, use for area 0.
interface-nameInterface name.
vif-nameVirtual interface name.
ip-addressVirtual interface IP address for OSPF.
levelThe OSPF interface priority used in the DR (Designated Router) election. The range is 0-255.


The following example configures the OSPF interface the priority 8 in DR election.

admin@Switch# set protocols ospf4 area interface vlan2 vif vlan2 address priority 8