To associate a Layer 3 interface with a VLAN, use the set vlans vlan-id l3-interface command. To remove the Layer 3 interface, use the delete form of the command.

Command Syntax

set vlans vlan-id vlan-id l3-interface interface-name
delete vlans vlan-id vlan-id l3-interface


vlan-idVLAN identifier. The range of allowed VLAN identifiers is 1-4094. A range of VLAN identifiers can be used, for example, 2,3,4,5-100.
interface-nameName of the Layer 3 interface.


This example associates a Layer 3 interface vlan-1 with VLAN 10 and then removes the Layer 3 interface from the VLAN:

admin@Switch# set vlans vlan-id 10 l3-interface vlan-1
admin@Switch# commit
admin@Switch# delete vlans vlan-id 10 l3-interface 
admin@Switch# commit