The set protocols pimsm4 bootstrap disable command is used to enable or disable PIM bootstrap function on the PIM router.

Command Syntax

set protocols pimsm4 bootstrap disable <true | false>




disable <true | false>

Enables or disables the PIM bootstrap function which determines whether or not the router will run       the bootstrap mechanism. The value could be true or false.

  •   true: disables the PIM bootstrap.
  •   false: enables the PIM bootstrap.

The default is false.

Usage Guidelines

A PIM-SM router must either run the PIM-SM bootstrap mechanism to elect a dynamic RP, or have some RPs configured as static RPs (see the static RP settings). PIM routers utilize PIM BootStrap Router mechanism to accomplish dynamic RP election.

PIM bootstrap settings should be configured on the interface which enables PIM-SM, as to receive and process the C-BSR packets and perceive the BSR and RP routers in the PIM-SM domain.

Under the bootstrap function being globally enabled by set protocols pimsm4 bootstrap disable command, the following involved bootstrap settings including C-BSR and C-RP information can be configured.


admin@Xorplus# set protocols pimsm4 bootstrap disable false
admin@Xorplus# commit