The set protocols dot1x filter sequence from source-address-ipv6 command configures the source IPv6 address information of the matching packets based on the NAC-based ACL rules.

Command Syntax

set protocols dot1x filter <filter-name> sequence <sequence-number> from source-address-ipv6 <ipv6-address>




filter <filter-name>

Specifies the ACL filter name. The value is a string.

sequence <sequence-number>

Specifies filter sequence number. The value is an integer that ranges from 0 to 9999.

source-address-ipv6 <ipv6-address>

Specifies the source IPv6 address of packets that match ACL rules. It must be an IPv6 subnet in address/prefix-length form. For example, 0a::1/128.


admin@Xorplus# set protocols dot1x filter f1 sequence 2 from source-address-ipv6 0a::1/128
admin@Xorplus# commit