The N1148T-ON switch is a Layer 2 device and does not support Layer 3 functions. The functions and commands that are not supported or modified on N1148T-ON are listed below.

Changed Type

Functions and Commands

Not supported

The following functions are not supported on N1148T-ON:

Static ARP, Static NDP, ARP agent and inspection, BFD, BGP, DHCP Relay, IGMP, IPFIX, MFEA, MPLS, OSPFv2, OSPFv3, xovs, PIM, RIB, RIP, IP routing, Static Route, VRRP, L3 VLAN Interface, Port Security, NETCONF

The following commands are not supported on N1148T-ON:

set system inband xx

set interface aggregate-balancing xx

set system management-ethernet eth0 xx

show interface ecmp hash-mapping field

show interface ecmp max-path

CoPP just keeps bpdu, lacp, lldp, arp, ndp, dhcp, igmp in default class

IGMP Snooping does support mrouter function. If no Layer 2 multicast forwarding table is found, the multicast packets will be flooded.

LAG hash mode supports only the following fields: ethernet-source-only, ethernet-destination-only, ethernet-source-destination, ip-source-only, ip-destination-only, ip-source-destination, however the aggregate-balancing hash-mapping field is not supported

show interface management-ethernet command is replaced by show system management-ethernet command


run show vlans detail

run show interface stm