User can configure the interface permitted to pass through the vxlan tunnel. This interface should be assigned in the host side. All packets enterring this interface can be transmitted in the vxlan, no matter the tagged or untagged packet.

Command Syntax
set vxlans vni <text> interface <port>

delete vxlans vni <text> interface <port> 

• <text>  VXLAN segment ID, decimal format ranges 1-16777215 or notation dotted foramt 100.100.200
• <port>  port identifier,the valid ports range 1-52.

• This example demonstrates how to configure the interface te-1/1/29  add  to vxlan VNI 10010

XorPlus# set vxlans vni 10010 interface te-1/1/29
XorPlus# commit