By default, the user cannot remotely log in and manage the switch through an L3 VLAN interface or a loopback interface. You need to enable the in-band management function by using the following commands to perform the SSH, TELNET, SNMP and HTTP services through any one of the L3 VLAN interfaces or the loopback interface in the default VRF:

set system inband vlan-interface <vlan-interface>

set system inband loopback <ip-address>

For example,

admin@Xorplus# set system inband vlan-interface VLAN400
admin@Xorplus# commit
admin@Xorplus# set system inband loopback
admin@Xorplus# commit

In-band management provides a method of access to the switch even if the Ethernet0/1 interface is down.


  • Only the L3 VLAN interfaces/loopback interface in the default VRF can be set as the in-band management ports. If a VLAN interface or a loopback interface has been set as an in-band management port, it can only stay in the default VRF, but not any user-defined VRFs.
  • A maximum of four L3 VLAN interfaces in the default VRF can be set as the in-band management ports by using set system inband vlan-interface <vlan-interface> command.