Step1         Configure a trunk mode VLAN.

    a)      Create a VLAN.

    set vlans vlan-id <vlan-id>

    b)     Configure the VLAN to trunk mode.

    set interface gigabit-ethernet <interface-name> family ethernet-switching port-mode <port-mode>

Step2         Configure an interface into voice VLAN.

                   set interface gigabit-ethernet <interface-name> voice-vlan vlan-id <vlan-id>

Step3         Configure the mode for how an interface is added to a voice VLAN.

                   set interface gigabit-ethernet <interface-name> voice-vlan mode {auto | manual}

Step4         Configure the tagged mode for the outgoing packet of a voice VLAN interface.           

   set interface gigabit-ethernet <interface-name> voice-vlan tagged mode <tag | untag | auto>

Step5         Configure the aging time for voice VLAN.

                   set vlans voice-vlan aging <aging-time>

Step6         Configure an OUI for the voice VLAN.

                   set vlans voice-vlan mac-address <mac-address> mask <oui-mask>

                   The system supports a maximum of 10 OUIs, including the default 7 OUIs. After PICOS version 2.11.4, there is no default OUI, the user is allowed to configure a maximum of 10 OUIs.

Step7         (Optional) Configure description information for the OUI address.

                   set vlans voice-vlan mac-address <mac-address> description <text>

Step8         Configure the 802.1p priority and DSCP value for a voice VLAN.

                   set vlans voice-vlan local-priority <priority-value>

                   set vlans voice-vlan dscp <dscp-value>

Step9         Enable LLDP function to support IP phone of LLDP, LLDP-MED and CDP.

                   set protocols lldp enable <true | false>

Step10      Enable LLDP compliance with CDP to support IP phone of CDP.                  

   a)      Enable global LLDP compliance with CDP.

                  set protocols lldp compliance cdp <true | false>

          b)     Enable interface-based LLDP compliance with CDP.

                 set protocols lldp interface <interface-name> compliance cdp <true | false>


  •   To enable LLDP compliance with CDP on a specific interface, you need to enable both the global and interface-based LLDP compliance with CDP functions.
  •   To avoid unnecessary trouble, you should only configure CDP compliance on access port intended for VoIP phones, but do not configure CDP on other interfaces.