Each time a configuration in L2/L3 is commited, a rollback configuration file is created. For example, if configuration is committed three times, pica.conf.01 through pica.conf.03 are created. User can rollback to any of these configurations when necessary. The maximum quantity of rollback files is limited to five. The current configuration is located in pica.conf.

admin@XorPlus# rollback 1
admin@XorPlus# Loading config file...
Config file was loaded successfully.
admin@XorPlus# commit 
Merging the configuration.
Commit OK.
Save done.

Displaying the difference between the current config with destination config file

admin@XorPlus# show | compare rollback 2 
[edit vlans]
+vlan-id 3 {

The rollback default command completely replaces the running configuration with the default configuration file. After this command is executed, a commit is required to make the rollback to default configuration take effect.

 Warning: This command should be used with caution. All the user configurations will be overridden by the default configurations.


admin@Xorplus# show | display set
    set system management-vrf enable true
    set system ntp vrf "mgmt-vrf"
    set system ntp server-ip
    set system syslog server-ip
    set system syslog vrf "mgmt-vrf"
    set system aaa tacacs-plus key "VzVua2V5c3RyaW5nYTJW"
    set l3-interface loopback lo address prefix-length 32
    set l3-interface vlan-interface vlan100 address prefix-length 24
    set vlans vlan-id 100 l3-interface "vlan100"

admin@Xorplus# rollback default 
Loading config file...
Config file was loaded successfully.
admin@Xorplus# commit
Commit OK.
Save done.
admin@Xorplus# show | display set