The set class-of-service scheduler max-rate command sets the maximum rate for an interface queue.

Command Syntax

set class-of-service scheduler <scheduler-name> max-rate <value>




scheduler <scheduler-name>

Specifies a scheduler name, the value is a string, spaces are not allowed.

max-rate <value>

Specifies the maximum rate of an interface queue.

The value is an integer, in kbit/s. 

Usage Guidelines

Configure the maximum rate on the physical interface egress queue of the packet to adjust the sending rate of the interface, thus preventing congestion on the downstream device. When the transmit rate of packets exceeds the queue-based rate limit, the packets will be discarded.


If both queue-based rate limiting and interface-based rate limiting (configured by the command set interface gigabit-ethernet <port> rate-limiting <ingress | egress> kilobits <kilobits-ps>) are configured on an interface, the smaller value of the two will be used for rate limiting.


admin@Xorplus# set class-of-service scheduler s3 max-limit 30000